Monitoring System

Technology overview

The iSYMED monitoring technology is network based and integrates all software and hardware components necessary for seamless bidirectional data exchange with medical and IT equipment.

iSYMED Monitoring

The scheme above shows the three base components of our monitoring systems:

  • Workstation software (Dial.Man database and Dial.Mon unit monitor)
  • Server software (iSYMED Interface Server handling all data and interfaces)
  • Monitoring hardware (BSL boxes for data recording and patient identification)



Product Video

See here the curent Nexa­dia product con­­cept­ion of B.Braun Avitum and get to know dialysis monitor­ing.

Universal patient scale Seca 685

The ideal scale for weigh­ing while standing sitting or in a wheel­chair.

iSYMED Localizer

iSYLocalizerBigOur reliable tool for translations of .NET-­Appli­cations